Lost in the Lipgloss jungle? Let us help you!

LipSense erbjuder 12 olika läppglans att välja mellan.

Lipgloss – how to choose when there are 12 different glosses to choose from?

No matter which of our lipglosses you will choose your lips will thank you. All of our glosses contain moisturizing shea butter and vitamin E. Your LipSense gloss will also seal your LipSense color and give you soft lips all day long. Our LipSense system is unique – the gloss actually penetrate through the color to give your lips all the good properties.

The first question you should ask yourself is – do I want a glossy lipstick or a matte lipstick? If the answer is matte, we recommend you to go with our Matte Gloss.

Matte Gloss from LipSense is a lipgloss that will give your LipSense colo a matte, smooth and satin finish. For best results, we recommend you to prime your lips with Glossy Gloss before you apply Matte Gloss.

If you are a Gloss Boss who likes glossy lips – you have 11 different lipglosses to choose from! We have everything from pink to beige to glittery glosses. Do not miss our exclusive Diamond Kiss. This gloss containes REAL crushed diamonds.

One of our favourites are Bougainvillea Gloss. A gorgeous, moisturizing lipgloss with a pinkish red tint. This means you can have soft colored lips even on days you are not wearing LipSense.

No matter what gloss you decide to go for you will have soft, hydrated lips and a lipstick that will last! Up to 18 hours actually – how amazing is that? And do not forget you can use our Glossy Gloss as a hydrating balm during night time.

LipSense erbjuder 12 olika läppglans att välja mellan.

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